Why Choice Bookkeeping?

Being the sole director of a Limited Company often means you are wearing many hats, but one doesn’t have to be that of accountant or bookkeeper! It can be a frustrating, and often time-consuming task, and one that many choose to outsource, and for good reason. 

We highly recommend using a bookkeeper or accountant in Pembrokeshire to help you with your business accounts and tax returns. In fact, it makes so much business sense. Why? 


How long would it take you to prepare all the paperwork needed, and actually submit your Annual Accounts with HMRC? Add in your Tax Returns as well, and that’s a lot of hours spent on tasks you probably don’t enjoy, and could be better spent on other areas of your business, or enjoying the beautiful scenery we have here in Pembrokeshire. 


Making sure the accounts are correct can sometimes take longer than actually pulling them all together. It isn’t something you want to get wrong, and you don’t want to miss a deadline either. Having a qualified accounts expert like us to help your Limited Company can make sure that everything is correct can save you a lot of time and stress down the line, as well as making sure you avoid fines for late payments.

Tax Efficient

Have you definitely claimed for everything you can? Having a professional complete your accounts means that you will be claiming for everything you are entitled to, and we may even be able to make recommendations on ways you can reduce your business costs. Guidance and rules change regularly, and it can be difficult to keep pn top of things. You could end up saving more than our fees, putting money back in your pocket, and saving you the headaches involved in submitting your own accounts. 


We can help set you up on the right accounting software for your business (and show you how to use it), which will help you know where you are in your business financially at a glance, and make VAT returns, payroll and more so much easier. The right software in place can keep your records in order (including all those receipts), and means Making Tax Digital is effortless. 

Why Choice Bookkeeping?

So why would you choose Choice Bookkeeping to help with your Limited Company accounts in Pembrokeshire? 

As a local, Pembrokeshire-based company ourselves, we can help with everything from your day-to-day bookkeeping, VAT Returns, Tax Returns, and so much more as well as your Limited Company accounts. We can also help with ad-hoc advice for your business, and give you the option to pay monthly for our services, rather than as a lump sum, helping you spread the cost. We have an office here in Haverfordwest, with on-street parking outside the door, and a friendly team ready to help in any way we can. The team have several years of experience in managing and submitting annual accounts for limited companies across Wales, as well as Pembrokeshire.  

Contact us today for a free consultation and find out how Choice Bookkeeping can help you with the financial aspects of your Limited Company, right here in Pembrokeshire.