Accountancy HWB is supervised by Intuit of Accountants & Bookkeepers (IAB). We can complete your bookkeeping draw up you financial statements under FRS105  for micro-entity.


Accountancy HWB offers packages for Micro Limited companies from £500.  Please contact us for a bespoke quotation for your business. As a small business you don't need to engage with an expensive accountant, call us for a bespoke quotation.


Eligibility criteria


A micro-entity qualifies to use FRS 105 if it does not exceed two, or more, of the following criteria

  • Turnover of not more than £632,00
  • Balance sheet total (i.e. fixed assets plus current assets) of not more than £316,00
  • Not more than an average of 10 employees.


The following types of entity are not eligible to use FRS 105:

  •  charities
  •  any companies excluded from the small companies’ regime
  •  financial institutions
  •  credit institutions
  •  insurance institutions
  • small parent companies that choose to prepare group accounts (thus if a micro-entity’s financial statements are  consolidated in with those of a parent, that micro-entity cannot apply (FRS 105); and
  • public companies.



South Wales Office: 01291 639626

West Wales Office: 01437 531158