Are your books in Order?

No, not your reading books, but your business accounts! Bookkeeping and accounting isn’t something that everyone enjoys doing, but with the right systems in place it can be a lot easier. Here are some top tips from the team at Choice Bookkeeping.

  • Have a separate bank account that is just for the business. You will need a business bank account.  It makes it much easier though if you only use the account for business purposes, and not for things like the grocery shopping, a night out etc.

  • Keep your receipts. This is so important, otherwise you can’t claim for things you have spent. The best way to keep these together is not in an envelope or carrier bag, but electronically. Receipt bank is a great option, and integrates with your accounting software

  • You really need to track your mileage so you can claim this as a business expense. Rather than relying on what Google Maps is telling you, we strongly recommend you use an app. There is one included in our FREE app, which you download for Apple and Android phones. Click Here to Download

  • Still using Excel or another spreadsheet for your business accounts? Now is the time to upgrade to accounting software. There are so many reasons why that we have a blog all about it here. We also have an offer on at the moment that we will give any new clients 6 months of Quickbooks free!


Need some help with setting all this up? Give us a call and we can help