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Why Choice Bookkeeping?

Why Choice Bookkeeping? Being the sole director of a Limited Company often means you are wearing many hats, but one doesn’t have to be that of accountant or bookkeeper! It can be a frustrating, and often time-consuming task, and one that many choose to outsource, and for good reason.  We highly recommend using a bookkeeper or accountant in Pembrokeshire to help you with your business accounts and tax returns. In fact, it makes so much business sense. Why?  Time   How long would it take you to prepare all the paperwork needed, and actually submit your Annual Accounts with HMRC?
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The Heath and Social Care Levy

What does the Heath and Social Care Levy mean for your business? On the 7th September the UK Government let us know about how they are going to fund the extra money needed to fund Social Care and the NHS going forward. The additional funds will come from an increase in National Insurance contributions from individuals and businesses, as well as an increase on the tax on dividends. So, what does this mean for you, your business and your employees?   What are the Changes? In April 2022, National Insurance contributions (NICs) will increase by 1.25%. this will be for
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